The Fall Guy Cast & Crew, Budget, Review, Box Office Collections, IMDb Rating and Release Date

Movie Name : The Fall Guy (2024)

IMDB Rating : 7/10 ( 113K )

Cast : Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Ben Knight, Matuse, Adam Dunn, Di Smith

Director : David Leitch

Producers : 87North, Australian Government, Entertainment 360

Category : Action, Comedy, Romance

Budget : $125 Million

Collection : $174 Million

Release Date : May 3, 2024

Country of Origin : United States, Australia, Canada

Languages Available : English

Plot : The Fall Guy (2024) follows Colt Seavers, a talented but jaded stuntman.

  • Colt’s Past: He used to be the stunt double for Hollywood action star Tom Ryder, but a stunt gone wrong left him injured and forced him to leave the business.
  • A New (Old) Flame: Eighteen months later, Colt is working as a valet when his ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno (now a director), reaches out. She’s directing her first film, an action movie titled “Metalstorm,” and wants Colt back as Tom Ryder’s stunt double.
  • Disappearance: While filming in Sydney, Tom Ryder mysteriously vanishes. Colt, drawn back into the world he left behind, agrees to help find him.
  • Mystery Deepens: As Colt investigates, he uncovers a conspiracy surrounding the film and Tom’s disappearance. It becomes clear that there’s more to the story than a simple missing actor.
  • Action and Romance: Throughout the film, Colt performs thrilling stunts while trying to rekindle his romance with Jody.
  • A Dangerous Fall: The climax likely involves a high-stakes situation where Colt uses his stunt skills to overcome a dangerous threat, uncovering the truth behind the conspiracy.
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